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Definitions of Member Types

The fee structure is based on three components :-

  1. Club subscription is based on the SA Sailing fee categories comprising of family, individual, individual ‹ 19 years, student tertiary, student school.

  2. SAS Levy is based on family, individual, individual ‹ 19 years, student tertiary, student school.

  3. Joining fee is applicable to new members only: 60% of yearly subscription.

The club accommodates both sailing and non-sailing members:- each current interest group is covered with its own fee structure.


  • The club's year follows SAS financial year from 1st April to 31 March.

  • The joining fee is a once-off payment made together with the first period's subscription fee.

  • Club Subscription fees are proportional for a year based on the remaining quarters left from joining date to end of Financial year.

  • SAS levies are not proportionated across the year.

  • SAS Fees:

    • SAS regulations prescribes that ESC collects all SAS levies directly from members.

    • If SAS levies are paid elsewhere then the member needs to provide ESC with their SAS registration number and the associated club.

    • SAS Levies for existing members is payable in March.

  • Boat storage is subject to availability.

Emmarential Sailing Club - Fee Structure
FEE STRUCTURE - 2020/2021
Fee CategoryFee TypeFee Amount
Subscription Family R 1,821.00
Subscription Individual R 1,220.00
Subscription Scholar R 592.00
Subscription Social family R 470.00
Subscription Social individual R 313.00
Subscription Student R 591.00
Subscription Student under 19 R 588.00
Subscription Youth R 589.00
Joining Fee All R 500.00
Boat Storage Boat Storage - Dinghy Park R 858.00
Boat Storage Boat Storage Container - Floor R 1,452.00
Boat Storage Boat Storage Container - Rack R 1,092.00