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What is expected of me as a member?
Use the club as regularly as you can – you create the vibe at the club. Assisting in the running of the club covering general administration, marketing, boat maintenance, racing management, member management, treasury, market days, website development, garden management, and event management amongst others.

When is the club open?
Duty Officer Grant Zulu opens up every Sunday and most public holidays. This covers club lounge, kitchen, bar, ablutions, dinghy park, boat houses, veranda, patio, access to braai facilities. Duty Office 063 511 5916 Commodore 082 880 4239

What is a Club day?
When Duty Officer is in attendance.

When is the bar open?
The bar is open on club days when the Duty Officer or Committee member is in attendance. The bar is only available to members using a ticket system. Tickets can be purchased using EFT or card facilities. Tickets will be kept on file at the bar.

Can I bring my own drinks?
Members may bring drinks on non-club days. Members are expected to support the bar on Club days.

What other days can I come to the club?
Members who want to use the club other than Sundays are able to get a key to grounds, veranda, patio, adjacent lawn and one for the ablutions. Members storing dinghies can have a key for dinghy park / boat house access which covers braai facilities. Those wanting braai facilities access can get a key on request.

What activities can I do at the club?
The club offers sailing, board sailing, paddle boarding, canoeing, SUPing, open water swimming, base for tri-athletes, lifesaving.

What sailing facilities does the club have?
Limited dinghy storage. Club watercraft comprising dinghies / sail boards / canoes for hire. Watercraft booked on a first come first serve basis. Dinghy hire R50 < 3 hrs. / R100 >3hrs per day. Board sailing hire R30 <3hrs R60 >3hrs

How do I book a dinghy?
Phone Duty Officer Grant Zulu to make a booking. Send sms with name and required watercraft. Make an EFT to Emmarentia Sailing Club bank account or pay by credit / debit card on arrival.

What is expected of me when hiring watercraft?
Book the watercraft - Pay for the booking Rig /. Derig boat with correct equipment replacing it properly. Report and pay for any damage to watercraft.

Can someone rig / derig the dinghy?
Dinghy rigging is available for R30 from the Duty Officer on Sundays and other Club days. Include request in sms and EFT/Card payment

How do I find out about club activities?
Club activities are published on the Club calendar at Email: or the Training calendar. Contact any member of the Committee. Numbers found on the website contact page.

What general facilities does the club have?
The club venue consists a lower terrace with boat houses, dinghy park and clubhouse, comprising lounge, kitchen, bar and ablutions, as well as the veranda, patio, adjacent lawn and main watercraft launching lawn. An upper terrace is under development.

Are club facilities available for hire?
The club is available for hire for birthday parties, weddings, and small corporate events.

How do I go about booking the venue?
Enter your enquiry via the website application. This emails the club – a committee member will reply within day or two. If a fast response is required then contact the Secretary or Commodore by phone. Contact numbers on the website.

Who uses the club grounds?
Sailors, Tri-athletes, Lifesavers, Open Water Swimmers, Canoeists, Divers. Access for club members, canoeists and divers is detailed in the Ground Access Conditions published on the website.

What are the rules about using the grounds?
The full guidelines are on the Ground Access page on the website

Where do I find out more about the club?
Navigate around this website which provides most of the information. For issues not covered on the website, contact Committee members.

How do I get more involved with the club?
The club needs the contribution of a wide variety of members to support club activities. Contact a committee member, Secretary or Commodore