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1. Principles

  1. The Emmarentia Sailing Club Grounds (ESC Club Grounds) falls outside the definition of a Public Open Space.

  2. Public access to the water space is not available through the ESC Club Grounds.

  3. The water space is owned by City of Johannesburg for which all clubs on the dam have the privilege of using on a collaborative basis.

  4. Emmarentia Sailing Club (ESC) reserves its rights to use its facilities to promote its activities while providing conditional access to other sports clubs, groups or individuals at its discretion.

2. Entry to Club

  1. By entering into the ESC Club Grounds you accept these Access Conditions.

  2. Right of admission is reserved by ESC.

  3. Anyone entering the ESC Club Grounds needs current membership identification of ESC, Dabulamanzi Canoe Club (DCC) or Normalair Underwater Club (NUC) for access.

  4. Normal and Special Events held on the ESC Club Grounds by any party may attract access fees at the discretion of the ESC Committee.

  5. NUC have rights to manage their club annexure, including their own water frontage, subject to these Access Conditions.

  6. DCC have access to the ESC Club Grounds subject to these Access Conditions.

3. Activity Requirements

  1. Sailing activities on the ESC Club Grounds take precedence over all other activities.

  2. Sailing activities require access to the ESC Club Grounds Lawn Area in order to de-trailer, rig boats, gain slipway access to launch, moor, recover, derig and entrailer.

  3. Non-sailing water activities may require portage from entry points or storage areas to water frontage not used by sailing craft.

  4. Any non-sailing water craft not being used need to be temporarily stored away from the water frontage to allow walking access to water frontage for any watercraft to launch or recover.

  5. Any lawn activity with or without gazebos/umbrellas are subject to ensuring access is available for watercraft and trailers away from the water frontage.

  6. Open water swimming and related activities will operate from the dam wall to the north slipway.

  7. Launching of watercraft directly from trailers will be limited to the north slipway closest to clubhouse.

  8. Vehicle access to the lawn area is generally restricted.

4. Commercial Activity

  1. Any person who wishes to operate any commercial activity within the ESC Club Grounds requires a prior written agreement with the ESC management.

  2. The ESC reserves its right to permit or refuse such commercial activity subject to conditions that it may impose at its discretion.

  3. Access fees to a pre-approved commercial activity may be levied at any time at ESC management discretion.

5. Events

  1. Any sports club, group or individual wanting to use the ESC Club Grounds for any event or activity, whether associated with their sport or not, including but not limited to sport training, hosted parties, or multiple sports club events, require written pre-consent of ESC management.

  2. During Special Events access conditions may vary from Normal Events and Weekly Activities.

6. Lawn/Water Frontage Conditions - Normal Events

  1. The lawn/water frontage conditions under clause 6 apply to Normal Events and Weekly Activities.

  2. Preference is given to ESC members, immediate family and accompanied ESC guests to access the ESC Club Grounds Lawn Area.

  3. Sailing activities take precedence over all activities, unless restricted by special arrangement.

  4. Light watercraft launching and recovery is available through DCC water frontage and canoe polo CANDOCK or NUC Club Grounds.

  5. Any spare lawn and water frontage not required by sailing activities may be used by DCC members, NUC members and the public only if activities allow and at ESC's discretion.

  6. DCC access to the lawn within the ESC Club Grounds Lawn Area is only allowed for canoes to:

    1. Conduct Gauteng Canoe Union time trials on Thursdays from 16:30 to 20:00; and

    2. Conduct time trial practice on Saturdays and Sundays from early morning until 09:15.

    3. Portage canoes provided it does not affect ESC arranged activities.

    4. Gain vehicle access only for paraplegic canoeists via the paved driveway, to get closer to their canoe storage.

  7. NUC is allowed conditional access to the lawn within the ESC Club Grounds Lawn Area for access to their equipment room.

  8. Sailing craft trailering, rigging, launching, recovery and de-rigging requires unimpeded access from and to, the road, boat houses, dinghy park, lawns and all slipways.

  9. Sailing craft landing requires water frontage access sufficient for the total number of sailing craft during sailing activities.

7. Lawn/Water Frontage Conditions - Special Events and Ad Hoc Activities

  1. Where a sports club, group or individual (Applicant) would like to use the lawn within the ESC Club Grounds to run a Special Event, a comprehensive event request is to be emailed to for a confirmed response by ESC Committee representatives.

  2. Confirmation of a Special Event as requested cannot be automatically assumed.

  3. ESC management will notify the Applicant of any access conditions and restrictions at least one week in advance of the Special Event.

  4. The Applicant is regarded to have received notice of such access conditions and restrictions applying to a Special Event even if ESC does not receive an acknowledgement of receipt of such notice from the Applicant.

  5. ESC will inform the Applicant, DCC management and NUC management of the Special Event Conditions at the same time.

  6. Both DCC and NUC are required to comply with this clause 7.